Dental Success Stories in Noble Park North

Below are some stories of actual patients treated by Dr. Van. Want to make your dental problem a success story? Call VN Dental Clinic for help.

This 54 year old patient from Mulgrave lost a top left tooth due to gum disease. The tooth was then replaced with an implant and crown.

Dental Implants Before
Dental Implants After

This 50 year old lady from Mulgrave lost a bottom right molar tooth due to dental decay. She was concerned about the gap that showed when she smiled. We placed an implant and restored it with a crown 3 months later.

Teeth Whitening Before
Teeth Whitening After

This 25 year old lady got whiter teeth after only 30 minutes of the in-office whitening. In the photos her teeth were compared to the same shade guide.

Tooth Colored Fillings Before
Tooth Colored Fillings After

Two bottom left molar teeth with dental decay were restored with white fillings.

White Fillings Before
White Fillings After

This patient from Rowville had avoided smiling for 2 years due to a discoloured filling in his top right canine. We replaced the filling within 30 minutes.

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