Dental Success Stories in Noble Park North

Below are some stories of actual patients treated by Dr. Van. Want to make your dental problem a success story? Call VN Dental Clinic for help.

18 months of Invisalign.

14 months of braces without extractions.

Treatment: Quick braces and 2 porcelain crowns. Total treatment time: 3 months

Broken and cracked front teeth due to trauma were restored with standard white fillings in 1 hour.

Tetracycline stains can be the most difficult to whiten; they often require more time and money, and sometimes the results still don’t meet expectations. This patient had great results after two sessions of in-office whitening with 6 months nightly usage of at-home whitening in between.

This patient’s molar was cracked which caused sensitivity to hot and cold, and discomfort when chewing. Using a partial gold crown, we were able to restore the molar’s strength with minimal tooth reduction.

This patient was missing one lower front tooth, and his upper front teeth had old, ill-fitting, broken veneers. We successfully restored the veneers and improved his tooth alignment in the process, and in just 45 minutes we were able to replace his lower tooth with direct composite bonding.

This 12 year old boy’s two front teeth were badly damaged when he fell off his bike. We were able to successfully restore his smile that same day, in a procedure which took only 45 minutes.

Orthodontic treatment started early for this young girl, before she turned 10. We were able to avoid extracting any teeth and she only required braces for 18 months.

This 14 year old girl had crooked teeth, an open bite and under bite due to her underdeveloped and misaligned jaw. We successfully expanded her upper jaw and aligned her teeth in just over two years using a palatal expander and braces, ensuring no jaw surgery was necessary.

This young lady had her smile transformed after just 14 months of wearing braces.

Old fillings can leak and chip, allowing bacteria to enter the tooth and cause decay. A new tooth coloured filling, if done carefully and conservatively, can achieve a good seal and an excellent cosmetic outcome.

A tooth usually becomes discoloured following root canal treatment. This patient achieved a good result after only one visit for internal tooth whitening.

Soft teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay and sensitivity. This young man had several soft and broken down teeth which affected his appearance, self confidence and ability to enjoy food. Eight white fillings were placed in the top teeth as a quick and affordable solution while he is saving up for porcelain veneers.

A cracked and heavily filled tooth can be protected and strengthened with a life-like porcelain crown.

This patient wanted to correct her teeth, but didn’t want her smile to be affected by traditional braces during the process. Using Invisalign, we were able to straighten her teeth in only 13 months.

Missing or damaged teeth affect your smile confidence. This woman received an affordable and fast smile restoration in less than two weeks with an acrylic partial denture.

Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. At 54 years of age this woman lost a top tooth because of it but had her tooth fully restored with a dental implant and crown.

Dental decay is destructive. It can cause tooth loss and create a noticeable gap in your smile as it did for this 50 year old woman. She experienced tooth restoration and closed the gap with a dental implant and crown.

Whiter teeth can happen in 60 minutes like it did for this 25 year old woman. Her in-office professional teeth whitening procedure provided a matching and natural looking tooth shade.

Tooth decay creates unhealthy and noticeable cavities in your teeth. White fillings are versatile for treating your top or bottom teeth with a natural looking material.

Old dental fillings can leak and change color. A new filling can replace your old, worn, and unattractive fillings in under 30 minutes.

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