Teeth Whitening

Simple, Fast Smile Transformation

Your lifestyle and dietary choices impact the appearance of your teeth. Professional teeth whitening is a non-invasive and quick procedure that removes stains and discoloration from your teeth.

Whiter teeth in one treatment

An in-office, professional teeth whitening treatment is the fastest and easiest process for transforming your smile. The procedure uses a highly concentrated whitening gel that’s more effective than an over-the-counter whitening product.

Preparation for your whitening procedure is necessary. An oral examination, teeth cleaning, and any necessary restorative treatment, such as dental fillings, provides health and stability for your teeth prior to whitening.

The single appointment requires approximately 90 minutes and includes a preliminary tooth and gum examination. Some teeth sensitivity is possible following the treatment but will disappear in a few days. Sensodyne tooth paste can help eliminate some sensitive teeth issues when used two weeks prior to your whitening procedure.

Convenient teeth whitening with professional results

A take-home whitening kit gives you the freedom and convenience of a professional treatment at home. Customized whitening trays with a low-concentrated professional whitening gel can whiten your teeth within two weeks.

You will experience less teeth sensitivity and can apply the treatment until you’ve achieved your desired level of whiteness. The procedure costs less than an in-office treatment and you can order more whitening gel as you desire to improve your smile’s appearance.

Contact VN Dental Clinic and Dr. Van about smile transformation with a professional teeth whitening. Schedule an examination to discuss an in-office whitening procedure or a take-home whitening procedure.

Success Stories

Tetracycline stains can be the most difficult to whiten; they often require more time and money, and sometimes the results still don’t meet expectations. This patient had great results after two sessions of in-office whitening with 6 months nightly usage of at-home whitening in between.

A tooth usually becomes discoloured following root canal treatment. This patient achieved a good result after only one visit for internal tooth whitening.

Whiter teeth can happen in 60 minutes like it did for this 25 year old woman. Her in-office professional teeth whitening procedure provided a matching and natural looking tooth shade.

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