Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dental Care When You Need It

You can experience a dental emergency at any time. Your Noble Park North and Mulgrave dentist can treat your sudden toothache, a broken tooth, or other dental traumas.

Treatment as soon as possible

We’re ready to provide your necessary treatment during a dental emergency. Contact our dental office to schedule an examination as soon as possible.

Relief for mouth pain

Your tooth and mouth pain can have a number of causes. Quick, in-office treatment, a pain-relieving prescription, or an antibiotic can help eliminate your pain and restore your health.

Tooth restoration

Saving and restoring your tooth or teeth is our goal. Your fast action can make a difference in the treatment outcomes.

Contact VN Dental Clinic about your dental emergency. Provide as much detail as possible and schedule an examination.

Success Stories

Broken and cracked front teeth due to trauma were restored with standard white fillings in 1 hour.

This 12 year old boy’s two front teeth were badly damaged when he fell off his bike. We were able to successfully restore his smile that same day, in a procedure which took only 45 minutes.

Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Claim your $1000 Benefit for Preventative Dental Services from Medicare. Ask Us About Your Child’s Eligibility Today!

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