Oral Examination and Professional Teeth Cleaning

Dental exam in our Mulgrave clinic.When it comes to oral health and hygiene, prevention is always better than cure. That’s why we recommend regular examinations so that if there is any problem with your teeth or gum, it can be identified and addressed early. Depending on your situation the dentist will recommend a time for you to come back, usually every 6 months . However, if you are at high risk of gum disease or tooth decay, your examination might need to be more frequent. With our Oral examinations we recommend a Professional teeth cleaning, in conjunction with your daily brushing and flossing to achieve optimal oral health and should be a part of your dental hygiene routine . For our children, we also suggest two examinations and two cleans a year. At our clinic, we remove plaque and tar-tar build up that cannot be seen by the eye. An Oral Examination and Professional Teeth Cleaning helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease and ultimately tooth loss.

Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Claim your $1000 Benefit for Preventative Dental Services from Medicare. Ask Us About Your Child’s Eligibility Today!

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