Dental Crowns

Dr. Van with a patient during a Crowns procedure

Restore Your Tooth Function and Natural Appearance

Your ability to eat, chew, and smile is impacted by a damaged or missing tooth. A dental crown restores the structure of your tooth that is missing or damaged by decay, disease, or trauma.

An all-purpose tooth restoration

Your dental crown can be made to match your surrounding teeth. A crown helps improve your tooth alignment while rebuilding your tooth structure that’s been damaged or lost.

Crowns are used with dental implant treatment. They are also used following a root canal to prevent further infection from entering your tooth.

Durability and strength

Your dental crown is created from strong, long-lasting materials. Common materials include gold, porcelain, and porcelain fused to metal. Your crown material is selected according to your tooth condition and appearance goals.

Begin your crown treatment with a comprehensive dental examination. This helps ensure that your tooth structure is strong and capable of supporting a dental crown.

Good oral hygiene is essential to keeping your crowned tooth healthy and long-lasting. This helps prevent crown failure that is most often caused by decay between the crown and your tooth structure.

Contact VN Dental Clinic about your damaged or missing tooth. Schedule a dental examination to discuss treatment solutions including tooth restoration with a dental crown.

We only use quality dental labs in Melbourne who construct your crowns exclusively in Australia.

Success Stories

Treatment: Quick braces and 2 porcelain crowns. Total treatment time: 3 months

This patient’s molar was cracked which caused sensitivity to hot and cold, and discomfort when chewing. Using a partial gold crown, we were able to restore the molar’s strength with minimal tooth reduction.

A cracked and heavily filled tooth can be protected and strengthened with a life-like porcelain crown.

Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme

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