Wisdom Teeth Removal

Improve Your Oral Health with Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your teeth are designed for mutual support. Problem teeth, including your wisdom teeth, can create oral health risks that can require them to be removed.

Preventive benefits

Your tooth development and general oral health can be improved by removing unhealthy or poorly developed wisdom teeth. Tooth decay, gum disease, and impacted wisdom teeth are common reasons for an extraction. Also, some dental treatment, such as orthodontics, can benefit from removing your wisdom teeth.

Treatment expectations

Prioritize the care of your surrounding teeth, gums, and bone tissue. An extraction procedure includes a thorough examination and x-rays to ensure success and proper healing.

Contact VN Dental Clinic and Dr. Van about your wisdom teeth. Schedule an examination to discuss oral health improvements with the removal of your wisdom teeth.

Most wisdom teeth can be removed in-office under local anesthetics.

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